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Strong Winds Take Crane Jib


Strong winds took a luffing tower crane jib over the back in a Melbourne, Australia on Monday night, July 24. The crane, a Raimondi owned by sales and rental company Clark Cranes was working on a Rescom site in the Richmond area of central Melbourne when the wind caught the Read More

65 Deaths in Tower Crane Collapse

Tower Collapse 9-11-2015 2-54-44 PM

Saudi Arabia A luffing jib tower crane has collapsed onto the Grand Mosque – the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, according to the Saudi Arabia Civil Defence Force.    The report says that 65 worshipers have died and 154 have been injured in the incident. The crane is almost certainly one Read More

Heavy Wind Topples Crane

Wind Topples Crane 6-18-2015 11-09-35 AM

 Guangxi Zhuang, China A tower crane collapsed spectacularly in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of southern China after extreme winds and torrential rains hit the area.  The 30 meter free standing saddle jib crane finally succumbed to the winds and buckled in a spectacular fashion, that captured on CCTV. Thankfully Read More

Fatal Tower Crane Collapse

Fatal Tower 5-22-2015 1-35-23 PM

Doha, Qatar A tower crane came down across the airport road in Doha, Qatar yesterday killing one man, an Egyptian, and seriously injuring three others. The crane, which appears to be relatively new and owned by the contractor Mid Gulf, gave way at its base, close to the foundation while Read More

Winds Overturn Crane

Wind Overturns Crane 2-8-2015 6-29-44 PM

 Bursa, Turkey A large crawler crane working on the new Timsah Arena Stadium, in Bursa, Turkey came down over the weekend in strong storms, killing the driver of a passing car.                                 The crane flipped Read More

Crawler Overturns in Germany

Crawler Overturn 1-16-2015 3-30-09 PM

Flensburg, Germany A crawler crane overturned on a wind farm in Janneby, near Flensburg, Germany, last Friday during severe gale force winds. The crane, a large Liebherr owned by Sarens, was fully rigged with around 100 meters of boom and back mast. All of which went over the back over Read More

Crane Drops Boat

Crane Drops Boat 12-5-2014 1-03-18 PM

Auckland, New Zealand A three axle All Terrain crane overturned in Auckland, New Zealand this morning dropping the boat it was lifting onto a house. No one was seriously hurt in the incident, although the crane operator was treated in hospital for what was said to be a minor leg Read More

Tractor Crane Pins Operator

Crane Pins Operator11-5-2014 2-30-33 PM

 Monroe Missouri The boom of what looks like a home-made crane was blown over the back of the tractor yesterday, trapping the operator/driver in Monroe Missouri. The man, 46, was lifting trusses into place on a barn he was building when a gust of wind caught the long lattice jib Read More

Boom Truck Lands on Cars

Boom Truck Lands on Cars 5-22-2014 1-06-50 PM

Milwaukee, Wisconsin A boom truck overturned in Milwaukee on Friday as it was unloading and placing steel beams and landed across four cars, one of which was occupied. The two people in the car managed to climb out of the crushed car without serious injury. Witnesses claim that a gust Read More

Recovering a Stuck Boom Lift

Recovering a Stuk Boom Lift 3-21-2014 11-56-39 AM

West Sussex, UK When a 125ft boom lift become stuck up to its axles in mud in a tight location in the UK, recovery was a challenging affair. The machine, a Genie S125 owned by Nationwide Platforms was being used by a Birmingham based office refurbishment company to work on Read More

Two Lifts Collide

Two Lifts Collide 3-21-2014 12-20-35 PM

 Chawston, Bedfordshire, UK An unusual road accident occurred in thick fog in the UK yesterday, involving two identical truck mounted lifts. The two lifts were clearly following each other early yesterday morning on the A421 near Chawston, Bedfordshire. The cab of the second truck, was significantly damaged as it plowed Read More

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