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Crane Falls on House


Wish, Indiana The plan was for it to carry the tree away, but instead a crane got carried right into the house. John Long hired professionals to remove a dead tree from his yard. But the crane operator miscalculated the size of the tree. The crane became top heavy and Read More

Tree Service Totals Crane


A tree service company pretty much totaled their crane on Thursday. They bent the boom right in the center. The operator said he heard a loud grinding noise and then the boom bent. Upon further inspection, they actually twisted the whole truck frame.

Student Climbs 200 ft. Crane Boom and Falls to His Death.


United Kingdom An Oxford university student plunged 200 feet to his death after climbing to the top of a crane in the city centre. The man, aged 22, had managed to inch his way to the end of the jib before falling. Police were called 15 hours before the body Read More

Tree Worker Killed in Crane Accident


Lake Zurich, Illinois The crane was a Strato Tower Crane Model AS50

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