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Tower Cranes Collide in London

Tower Cranes Collide 3-14-2014 1-10-08 PM

London, UK Two tower cranes collided over Canary Wharf in London, UK today seriously injuring a 35 year old man.                                   A hammerhead tower crane was over-sailing a luffing jib crane A flat top Yong Mao Read More

Four Injured After Lightning Strike

Four Injured Lightening Strike 1-30-2014 3-49-36 PM

Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France Four men on a building site in France were shocked and burnt yesterday morning after a bolt of lightning hit a tower crane in Saint-Jean-de-Luz just South of Biarritz in the South West of the country. Two of the four men are seriously injured and were rushed to Read More

Self-Erector Overturn

Self Erector Overturns 1-30-2014 3-40-44 PM

 Osterhofen Bavaria. An operator dismantling a self-erecting tower crane in Germany is said to have made an error that resulted in the crane overturning at a site in Osterhofen Bavaria. Thankfully on one was hurt in the incident which occurred on Friday                 Read More

Heavy Winds Hit Cranes in Belgium

Heavy Winds Hit Crane1-30-2014 3-59-36 PM

Oekene, Roselare A heavy storm in northern Belgium on Saturday took down two tower cranes at the site of a new hospital in Oekene, Roselare.                                         The scene yesterday The foundations/base Read More

Another Jib Failure in London

Another jib failure in London 1-31-2014 10-23-08 AM

Croydon, London Another Jost tower crane jib collapsed yesterday on a building under construction in Croydon, London during a storm. The crane is working on a new tower block known as the IYLO building. The 20 story building has stood unfinished for some time and is planned to provide low Read More

Fatal Load Drop on UK Site


Colchester, Essex A man died yesterday on a construction site at King Edward Quay near Colchester, Essex after a load reportedly dropped from a tower crane. Details are still very vague, but the main contractor for the project – a student accommodation building for the University of Essex – JR Read More

Tower Crane Loses Jib in London

Tower Crane Loses Jib 12-19-2013 10-56-31 AM

 Ealing, London A luffing jib tower crane has lost its jib on a site in Ealing, London these evening, no one has been injured in the incident and we do not know if it is related to the strong gusty winds currently in the area. The crane, owned by rental Read More

Helicopter Rescues Crane Operator

Helicopter Rescues Crane Operator 12-19-2013 11-31-43 AM

 Kingston, Ontario A helicopter successfully rescued a tower crane operator in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, yesterday as a fire raged on the job site beneath him.                                             At one point Read More

Tower Crane Hits Supermarket

Tower Crane Hits Supermarket 12-11-2013 12-50-52 PM

Bad Homburg, Germany A tower crane has collapsed onto an Aldi supermarket in Bad Homburg, Germany killing at least one member of the public. The crane, a regular top slewer owned by BBL Cranes came down around 11:30 this morning hitting the supermarket next door to the large office construction Read More

Mobile Tower Crane Over in Netherlands

It looks as though an outrigger might have sunk/punched through the road surface

Nieuwegein, Netherlands A self-erecting mobile tower crane has gone over in a shopping street in Nieuwegein, on the south side of Utrecht in the Netherlands, no one is hurt and damage is relatively minor. The incident occurred just before 8:00 this morning and thankfully the operator was on the ground, Read More

Tower Collapse in Germany

Tower Collapse in Germany 11-11-2013 3-39-26 PM

Dachau, Germany A tower crane collapsed on a construction site in Karlsfeld, just outside of Dachau, Germany on Tuesday. The self-erecting lattice tower crane was said to have been lifting a concrete foundation when it toppled. The operator was controlling the crane from the unit’s remote controls and was not Read More

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