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Airport Crane Accident


A Tower Crane, on a parking garage construction site, was unloading a 40′ bundle of rebar from a truck at the George Bush International Airport in Houston. The truck was in one lane of a three lane street. One end of the bundle was stuck in the headboard of the Read More

Tower Crane Accident

Tower Crane Collapse During Digital TV Installation

A construction accident on a television tower Wednesday morning forced the evacuation of a nursing home and 200 houses and sent several television and radio stations scrambling to find ways to transmit programming. A bolt holding a crane to the top of a 900-foot broadcasting tower snapped while workers installed Read More

Tower Crane Collapse While Assembling


Frankfurt, Germany Three men died when the 40 metre high tower crane that they were assembling in Frankfurt, Germany, collapsed on August 20th. Two of the men were on the jib at the time, the third was in the cab. More deaths were almost caused by the fact that the crane Read More

“Big Blue” Crane Accident of 1999

Big Blue Crane Collapse 1999 - Animation

“BIG BLUE” the tallest crane in the world (almost 600 feet) fell this afternoon at the sports stadium under construction in Milwaukee of the baseball stadium Miller Park at about 5:15 P.M. The 450 ton load coupled with 30 mile an hour winds caused the gigantic tower crane’s integrity to be Read More

Crane Falls On Construction Worker

Crane Falls on Construction Worker in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights 3 Hurt, 1 seriously when crane boom falls. Investigators probe why the tower buckled.

Rescue From a Towering Inferno

Rescued Worker from Flaming Building

Atlanta, Georgia A US construction worker has survived a dramatic helicopter rescue from the top of a burning crane. Iver Sims was trapped on top of a swaying, 75-metre (250-foot) crane above a raging warehouse fire in East Atlanta for more than an hour. He was forced to escape from Read More

Windmilling – The Anatomy of a Tower Catastrophe


Huntsville, Alabama This article describes the step-by-step events that led to the tower collapse which claimed the life of Andy Figge, a well respected rigger and Registered Professional Civil Engineer. The article was written at the request of several Southern California broadcast engineers who had close ties with Andy and Read More

Construction Crane Falls


San Francisco, California 5 Die – High-rise Boom Hits Buildings, Vehicles In San Francisco From his 21st-floor office, Philip Auyoung had watched with fascination for months as construction workers built a high-rise just across the street. But Tuesday he watched with horror as a construction crane toppled, sending three workers to Read More

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