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A Close Call

A Close Call 5-30-2014 12-28-09 PM

Weinheim, Germany A self-erecting tower crane was saved from overturning by nearby trees and an observant member of the public on Thursday last week in the German town of Weinheim to the north east of Mannheim.                             Read More

Crane Overturns in Chile

Crane Overturns in Chile 5-30-2014 12-20-47 PM

Antofagasta, Northern Chile A five axle All Terrain crane overturned in the city of Antofagasta, Northern Chile on Saturday when the ground gave way beneath one of the outriggers.                                           Read More

Crane Drops into Car Park

Crane Drops into Car Park 5-9-2014 12-02-10 PM

Idaho Falls, Idaho A truck crane broke through the surface of a car park dropping into an underground parking garage in Idaho Falls, Idaho, earlier this week. The incident occurred on Tuesday as the crane operator was turning the rig in a tight area, when the back wheel tandem broke Read More

Crane Over

Crane Over 5-7-2014 2-26-49 PM

Peterhead, Scotland We have received a report of a 500 ton All Terrain crane overturned this weekend in the UK.                             One of the boom sections buckled The incident occurred at the premises of Aquatic Subsea on Read More

Crane Slips Off Wind Farm Road

Crane Slips on Wind Farm Road 4-25-2014 10-57-56 AM

Strabane, Northern Ireland Another All Terrain crane became a casualty of narrow wind farm approach roads in Ireland last week. The crane, owned by McKinney’s Crane Hire of Strabane, Northern Ireland, was travelling to or from a remote wind farm in Croagh, County Donegal, when the edge of the road Read More

Fatal Crawler Crane Overturn

Fatal Crawler Crane Overturn 4-11-2014 11-44-00 AM

Ecorse, Michigan A crawler crane operator has died today at the Great Lakes Works of U.S.Steel in Ecorse, Michigan, after he was thrown from his crane cab after it upended. U.S. Steel spokesman Courtney Boone issued a statement stating that the incident involved a contractor’s employee. “No other injuries have Read More

Recovering a Stuck Boom Lift

Recovering a Stuk Boom Lift 3-21-2014 11-56-39 AM

West Sussex, UK When a 125ft boom lift become stuck up to its axles in mud in a tight location in the UK, recovery was a challenging affair. The machine, a Genie S125 owned by Nationwide Platforms was being used by a Birmingham based office refurbishment company to work on Read More

Big Truck Mount Flips

Big Truck Mount Flips 3-14-2014 12-57-58 PM

Queensland, Australia A 70 meter truck mounted lift overturned a couple of weeks ago in Western Queensland, Australia, while travelling on a secondary road following recent heavy rains.                                 The lift overturned on soft ground Read More

Fatal Crane Overturn at Wedding

Fatal Crane Overturn at Wedding 2-28-2014 1-32-50 PM

Gujarat State, West India A crane lifting a bride and her sister at a wedding in Gujarat state, West India overturned killing a man below and injuring four others, including the bride and sister. The telescopic crane was lifting the two ladies in a large illuminated crystal conical platform and Read More

Fatal Boom Overturn

Fatal Boom Overturn 1-23-2014 12-57-06 PM

Phoenix, Arizona Two men died yesterday when the lift they were using to paint the outside of a prison building overturned. The incident occurred at the Lower Buckeye jail near Phoenix, Arizona, the two men are reported to be employees of Riddell Painting and Coating.  As is usual in these Read More

Boom Fails While Tree Trimming

Boom Fails 1-23-2014 1-38-28 PM

San Remo, Close to the Border with France A man was injured in Italy yesterday when the boom of a truck mounted lift came down from a height of around 18 meters. The incident involved a Socage DA300 series owned by Savis Platform Rentals and occurred in the Valle Armea Read More

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