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Man Electrocuted While Working with Dad at Construction Site


Arizona A 20-year-old man was electrocuted while working with his father at a construction site in Mesa Tuesday, Mesa Fire officials said. The man was thrown 20 feet from where he had been standing and had burns on his left arm and back. When paramedics arrived on the scene, he Read More

Worker Crushed After Crane Hits Cable Holding Steel Frame (Rebar Cage)

Worker Crushed After Crane Hits Cable Holding Steel Frame (Rebar Cage)

San Diego, California A 31-year-old man working on the San Diego Trolley extension was killed yesterday when a crane accident led to the collapse of an 80-foot column being built to support a bridge, authorities said. The 12:12 p.m. accident west of Waring Road apparently happened when part of the Read More

$18,000 for August 19 Death


Federal officials seek $18,000 in penalties for safety violations, in the above accident. OSHA officials say violations involved safety and inspection of the crane boom, and the placement of workers directing the crane operator. See Original Story

Boom Buckles at 160 Feet

Boom Buckles

Boom Length: 160 Feet While attempting to lift a 40′ high X 20′ wide #90,000-pound concrete tilt-up panel, the panel popped loose and swung into the already vertically erected tilt-up panel next to it, causing it to fall on the crane. This started a chain of events that lead to Read More

Absence of Signal Guide Costs Crane

Link-Belt Crane Concrete Panel Accident

Tarboro, North Carolina A 65 ton Link-Belt crane was picking up a 17,000 lb precast concrete panel from a flatbed trailer. Four lifting points were used on the face and two on the top of the panel. Shake out hooks were used as a “lazy” method to release the panel Read More