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What Were They Thinking?

What Were They Thninking 1-23-2014 2-05-24 PM

Werkendam, Netherland A truck driver travelling with a fully rigged lattice crawler crane on his trailer, was surprised last week in the Netherlands, when the crane boom caught up on a high tension overhead power line.                               Read More

Close Call for Big Truck Mount

Close Call 1-23-2014 2-19-06 PM

Newcastle, Australia A 54 meter truck mounted lift lost balance near Newcastle, Australia when the ground gave way under one of its outriggers. Fortunately the boom came to rest against the pylons of the high tension power line that it was helping to install – as far as we know Read More

Crane Overturns in Phuket

Crane Overturns in Phuket 1-9-2014 3-11-00 PM

 Phuket City, Thailand A crane overturned this morning in Phuket City, Thailand, cutting off a high voltage power line, but it is hard to see exactly what happened. The crane a 25 tonne Tadano Rough Terrain/city crane owned by Phuket Kritichai, was on tires and had its boom raised to Read More

Loader Crane Rips Out Power Lines

Crane Rips out Power Lines 1-2-2014 3-20-00 PM

 Shelton, Washington A slow moving train, equipped with a log loader crane, pulled out a large number of overhead power line poles as it traveled through the town of Shelton in Washington state on Thursday morning. The destruction covered a two block area and left over 700 buildings without electricity, Read More

Boom Lift Electrocution

Boom Lift Electrocution 10-18-2013 11-45-36 AM

Charlotte, North Carolina A man died yesterday on a site in Charlotte, North Carolina after he contacted overhead power lines from the platform of self-propelled boom lift he was using. The man, a construction worker with contractor Adolphson and Peterson was working on new apartment block at the University of Read More

Lucky Escape for Crane Operator

Lucky Escape 10-18-2013 12-08-04 PM

North Rhine Westphalia, Germany A crane operator was lucky to escape unhurt on Thursday when his crane boom struck a 110,000 volt overhead power line. The 200 tonne crane was working on a wind farm in Bad Wunnenberg near Paderborn, in North Rhine Westphalia. The operator was moving the five Read More

Crane Operator Electrocuted

Electrocuted Vancouver Canada10-8-2013 11-49-27 AM

Vancouver, Canada A loader crane operator died after the boom of the crane he was operating came in to contact with overhead power lines, in Vancouver, Canada on Friday. The man, said to be in his 60’s, was operating the crane from the ground, unloading lumber in the street when Read More

SE Tower Crane Catches Fire

Tower Crane Catches Fire 9-10-2013 2-53-36 PM

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada A self-erecting tower crane working on a site on West Broadway, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada caught fire earlier today, after it contacted overhead power lines. The operator on the ground slewed the crane, an Italian built FM Gru owned by Mega Cranes, without releasing that Read More

Stolen Bucket Truck Cuts Electric

Stolen Boom Cuts Power 9-6-2013 12-57-47 PM

Queens, New York A man stole a bucket truck/aerial lift from the Queens depot of New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority yesterday and on the drive home the raised boom ripped out a number of overhead power lines and poles, cutting electricity to over 6,000 people in Queens and Long Island. Read More

Tree Man Electrocuted

Man Electrocuted 8-23-2013 1-36-11 PM

Holliston, Massachusetts A man working from an aerial lift died yesterday in Holliston, near Boston, Massachusetts after he touched overhead power lines The man, Ryan Hopkins, 26, was working for local company Ahronian Landscape & Design, where he had worked for 10 years, and was using a Niftylift TD120-T/TD34T tracked Read More

Worker Injured After Crane Line Hits Power Line in Vancouver

Lucky Escape 7-19-2013 12-37-09 PM

Vancouver, Canada A man had a lucky escape on a job site in Vancouver, Canada yesterday after the hoist cables of a tower crane brushed against overhead power lines.                             The power line runs right along the Read More

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