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Another Outrigger Overturn

Outrigger Overturn 6-18-2015 10-44-28 AM

Bouchain, North East France A three axle All Terrain crane overturned yesterday in Bouchain, near Valenciennes in North East France, after the ground gave way under the outriggers on one side of the crane.                                 Read More

Crane Fatality at Penn State


State College, Pennsylvania A Man died on Friday evening while de-rigging a crane on the campus of Penn State in State College, Pennsylvania. The man Jerod Chapman, 29, of American Ornamental Iron, was helping de-rig the crane when another person is reported to have knocked out a pin causing part Read More

Crane Over in Austin

Crane Over in Austin 6-11-2015 1-52-58 PM

Austin Texas A truck mounted crane overturned in Austin Texas yesterday causing damage to a building, thankfully no one was hurt in the incident and the crane was quickly recovered. We have very few details, but it seems the outriggers of the three axle truck crane were set up on Read More

Tower Crane Overturns

Self Erector Falls 6-11-2015 2-00-00 PM

Liege, Belgium A self-erecting tower crane overturned on a house building project in Liege, Belgium on Monday, two building workers received minor injuries from flying debris as the crane struck the building. The crane went over sideways as it lost stability, no details as to whether the collapse was caused Read More

Fatal Outrigger Strike

Fatal Outrigger -11-2015 1-43-58 PM

 Manchester, England A loader crane outrigger which extended while the truck it was on drove through a residential area struck and killed a pedestrian in Altrincham, near Manchester, England on Thursday. The truck, a two axle flat-bed owned by Liverpool-based Blok N Mesh was carrying pedestrian barriers when one of Read More

A Bridge Too Far

Bridge Too Far 6-5-2015 1-35-54 PM

New South Wales, Australia We have just heard of an incident in early May in which a bridge in New South Wales, Australia, collapsed when a four axle All Terrain crane tried to cross it. The wooden bridge near Coffs Harbour in the North of the state, was apparently structurally Read More

Load Dropped in New York

Drop Load NY 6-5-2015 11-41-46 AM

 Manhattan, New York A large mobile crane dropped its load yesterday in central Manhattan, New York after part of the load rigging failed. The load was being lifted by a 500 ton Liebherr All Terrain owned by Bay Crane and was rigged with around 50 meters of main boom and Read More

Crane overturn in New Jersey

Crane OT New Jersey 5-22-2015 2-37-16 PM

Arlington, New Jersey A boom truck overturned yesterday in Arlington, New Jersey damaging a car but thankfully there were no injuries. The crane was set up on grass with outriggers retracted but down, mats were used under the outrigger pads/feet. The crane was using its retracted boom to support overhead Read More

Fatal Boom Lift Overturn

Fatal Boom OT 5-22-2015 2-13-55 PM

Toronto, Canada A boom lift overturned in the town of Markham, on the north east side of Toronto, Canada, this morning killing one of the platform’s occupants and seriously injuring another.                                       Read More

Crane Overturns in Baltimore

Crane OT Baltimore 5-22-2015 2-08-53 PM

 Baltimore, Maryland A three axle All Terrain crane overturned in the city of Baltimore Maryland yesterday while setting up at outside the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, located in the city center. The crane appears to have slewed over the side with the retracted boom fully raised, counterweight in Read More

Crane Caught in Fire

Crane Caught in Fire 5-8-2015 10-37-30 AM

Corpus Christi, Texas A crane operator had a lucky escape last week, in Corpus Christi, Texas, after a hydrogen pipe failed and caught fire at a CITGO refinery. The fire quickly spread to a Rough Terrain crane which then caught fire itself. The operator was able to escape unharmed from Read More

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