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Fatal Jib Drop in Singapore

Crawler Crane Luffing Jib Kills One Singapore 2012

Singapore Two men were injured and one died when a crawler crane’s luffing jib came down onto the roof of a building in Singapore yesterday. The man who died was trapped under the jib and declared dead at the scene, he was 42, another suffered a fractured thigh bone and Read More

Fatal Tower Crane Accident in Spain

Tower Crane Collapse in Malaga Spain 2011

Malaga, Spain A man died yesterday on a building site in the small village of Cártama to the north of Málaga, after the jib of a tower crane ‘broke its back’ and crashed down onto the scaffold he was working from, throwing him from the third floor of the structure Read More

Loader Accident in Austria

Russian Crane Accident Aftermath 2011

Amstetten, Austria The boom and jib of a loader crane literally snapped off as it was lifting a pallet of old roof tiles from the side of a house in Amstetten, Lower Austria. The broken part of the boom along with its jib/upper boom fell onto a scaffold that ran along Read More

Crane Crushes its Driver to Death

Vietnam Crane Crashes Over 2011

Vietnam A crane fell and killed its driver in Ho Chi Minh City Tuesday. Dang Van Quang, 24, of Nghe An Province, lost control of the crane while maneuvering it. The 50-meter jib of the crane fell from a height of 45 meters, crushing him to death in the cabin. Read More

Crane / Train Crash

Crane Train Crash Hong Kong 2010

Hong Kong Passengers narrowly escaped death yesterday when the arm of a toppling crane slammed on to a Light Tail Transit compartment in Tuen Mun. Eighteen people were injured and the service was halted in four LRT stations for several hours. Most passengers walked out through an emergency exit, but Read More

Crane’s Arm Ploughs Into Bus


India A passenger on a bus which was hit by the arm and jib of a crane said this afternoon that it was only by the grace of God that no one was seriously injured, or worse. Victor Borg said he was sitting in the middle of the 45 bus, Read More

Two Dead, Seven Hurt in Construction Site Accident in South China


China Nine casualties resulted when a crane toppled over at a construction site in south China’s Guangdong Province, local authorities confirmed Sunday. The crane collapsed on a bridge and its jib broke off falling from the bridge along with another construction vehicle, killing one person and injuring eight others at Read More

Swiss Crane Dismantle Finds Stabilty Limit

Crane Dismantle Accident Switzerland 2009

Basel, Switzerland A Wolff tower crane jib, apparently being dismantled, was dropped due to stability problems with the mobile crane. The Tower crane jib will be a total loss, as well as the mobile crane boom and luffing jib. One woman was injured. It sounds as if she was in Read More

Crane Collapse in Milan

Large Mobile Crane Collapses in Milan 2009

Milan A large mobile crane collapsed in central Milan on Saturday thankfully there were no injuries.   The crane, believed to be a 500 tonne Krupp KMK 8500, (The design was a modified Gottwald AMK – the company was acquired by Krupp in 1988 this unit is possibly a 1989 Read More

Driver Injured as Dockyard Crane Topples


United Kingdom A crane driver was seriously injured today when the vehicle “toppled over” as it loaded a ship. The man’s legs were feared to have been crushed when the crane fell on to a container ship being loaded at Southampton port, in Hampshire, early this morning. Thirteen firefighters helped Read More

200ft Crane Falls on Flats in Liverpool

Liverpool Tower Crane Collapse July 2009

Liverpool, UK 5/12/2012 Update: Contractors Found Guilty 04/16/2012 Update: Construction Firms in Court Dozens of terrified residents at a swanky apartment block became trapped in their homes after a 200ft crane came crashing over on the roof. The 50 tonne ‘Wolfe’ crane, smashed into the Chandlers Wharf apartments in Liverpool Read More

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