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Fatal Crane Incident in Melbourne


One man has died and two are injured, one very seriously, after a tower crane dropped a fully loaded 53 cubic feet skip of concrete onto the men, who were working in the pour area below. The incident occurred on the site for a new 12 story apartment block on Read More

Crawler Crane Overturn Captured on Video


A crawler crane rigged with long boom and jib overturned on the construction site of the new police headquarters in St Petersburg, Florida on April 5th, 2018, narrowly missing a number of men working below. The crane, a Terex branded IHI, was lifting an electric scissor lift onto the upper Read More

Ironworker Hurt After Falling Some 40 Feet

Pic 7-31-2015 9-39-40 AM

Logan International Airport, Massachusetts A 53-year-old ironworker was critically injured Friday morning at Logan International Airport when he fell some 40 feet to the ground after a 32-ton concrete panel he was trying to secure fell from a crane hoisting it to the third floor of a parking garage under construction. Read More

Load Dropped in New York

Drop Load NY 6-5-2015 11-41-46 AM

 Manhattan, New York A large mobile crane dropped its load yesterday in central Manhattan, New York after part of the load rigging failed. The load was being lifted by a 500 ton Liebherr All Terrain owned by Bay Crane and was rigged with around 50 meters of main boom and Read More

Crawler Over

Crawler Over 5-8-2015 10-28-07 AM

 Basel, Switzerland A 50 ton crawler crane overturned in Basel, Switzerland, on Tuesday. Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident. The incident occurred on the site of a new treatment plant in Reinach, on the south side of the city. The crane was slewing a bundle of timber at Read More

Crane Overturns in Lichtenstein

Crane Overturns Lichtenstein 4-3-2015 4-07-28 PM

Balzers, Lichtenstein A mobile swing cab industrial crane overturned last week in Balzers, Lichtenstein, while picking & carrying a large concrete panel.                             The crane overturned sideways onto the bank The crane an 18 tonne Bollhalder Bakran Read More

Crane Dropped in Tandem Lift

Crane Dropped 2-13-2015 1-56-40 PM

Fremantle port in Australia Two ship cranes dropped a large mobile telescopic crane they were lifting in tandem at Fremantle port in Australia on Tuesday. The hoist rope on one of the two cranes clearly failed dropping one end of the crane which then slipped from both sets of rigging. Read More

Load Drops on Operator


Graz, Austria A loader crane operator was seriously injured yesterday in Graz, Austria, while loading his truck with formwork elements. The man, 29, had lifted the two formwork panels down from the first floor of a building in the Jacomi region of the city, and swung them over the top Read More

Crane and Access Fatality

Crane and Access Fatality 5-13-2014 2-36-51 PM

Orlando, Florida A man died on Wednesday last week in Orlando, after falling around 12 meters from a platform mounted on a boom truck, while helping install a large billboard pole which broke free from the crane holding it.                       Read More

Two Hurt in Crane Incident

Two Hurt11-22-2013 11-47-17 AM

Bissen, Luxembourg Two men were seriously injured last week in the town of Bissen, Luxembourg when a mobile crane boom buckled. We have received very little information, apart from a couple of photographs and the information that it occurred last Monday. We have managed to confirm that an incident did Read More

Crane Overturn in Salt Lake City

Crane Overturn in Salt Lake 10-18-2013 11-39-38 AM

Salt Lake City, Utah The crane, a new looking National Crane owned by local crane rental company Wagstaff, was short rigged – with outriggers jacks set up with in the vehicle’s width. The load and the radius proved too much for the configuration and the unit went over, spilling fuel Read More

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