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Crane Dropped in Tandem Lift

Crane Dropped 2-13-2015 1-56-40 PM

Fremantle port in Australia Two ship cranes dropped a large mobile telescopic crane they were lifting in tandem at Fremantle port in Australia on Tuesday. The hoist rope on one of the two cranes clearly failed dropping one end of the crane which then slipped from both sets of rigging. Read More

Cranes Drop Stack

Crane Drop Stack 2-13-2015 1-41-15 PM

Darwin, Australia An incident occurred at the Blaydin Point natural gas processing plant near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, last week while two cranes were installing a large exhaust stack in a tandem lift. Information is scarce, following a security clamp-down at the site, which is part of the massive Ichthys Read More

Crane Fatality in Gabon


 Port Gentil in Gabon News has reached us that a man was crushed by a falling load on board a Total oil platform in the Grondin oil field off of Port Gentil in Gabon yesterday. The man was an employee of Ois Gabon, which provides a whole range of lifting Read More

Crane Drops Boat

Crane Drops Boat 12-5-2014 1-03-18 PM

Auckland, New Zealand A three axle All Terrain crane overturned in Auckland, New Zealand this morning dropping the boat it was lifting onto a house. No one was seriously hurt in the incident, although the crane operator was treated in hospital for what was said to be a minor leg Read More

Load Drops on Operator


Graz, Austria A loader crane operator was seriously injured yesterday in Graz, Austria, while loading his truck with formwork elements. The man, 29, had lifted the two formwork panels down from the first floor of a building in the Jacomi region of the city, and swung them over the top Read More

Two Killed in San Juan Construction Site Accident


San Juan City, Philippines Two persons were killed at a construction site in San Juan City on Monday ( June 23) when metal beams being lifted to the sixth floor of a multi-level parking building fell to the ground. Police identified the victims as Jesus Ignacio, a construction worker of Ardi Read More

Crane Drops Steel Load at Royal Adelaide Hospital Construction Site

Crane Drops Steel Load 6-19-2014 2-58-28 PM

Adelaide, Australia Work again has stopped on the Royal Adelaide Hospital construction site after another incident involving cranes. The building consortium says a load being lifted from level four dislodged from a sling and some steel purlins fell several meters. It says no-one was injured and SafeWork SA now is Read More

Crane and Access Fatality

Crane and Access Fatality 5-13-2014 2-36-51 PM

Orlando, Florida A man died on Wednesday last week in Orlando, after falling around 12 meters from a platform mounted on a boom truck, while helping install a large billboard pole which broke free from the crane holding it.                       Read More

Another World Cup Fatality

Another Wold Cup Fatality 2-14-2014 1-09-01 PM

 Manaus, Brazil A man died at the Arena de Amazonia football stadium in Manaus, Brazil last Friday following an incident that occurred while dismantling a crane. Antonio Jose Pita Martins, 55, an employee of Portugese metal construction company Martifer, was dismantling a crane being used to install the World Cup Read More

Boom Truck Destroys Line of Cars

Boom Truck Destroys Cars 2-4-2014 9-21-14 AM

 Mentor, Ohio A boom truck lifting a large air conditioning unit in Mentor, Ohio yesterday overturned, with the boom coming down on to a row of parked cars.                         For some reason the crane appears to have slewed towards Read More

Fatal Load Drop on UK Site


Colchester, Essex A man died yesterday on a construction site at King Edward Quay near Colchester, Essex after a load reportedly dropped from a tower crane. Details are still very vague, but the main contractor for the project – a student accommodation building for the University of Essex – JR Read More

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