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Dogman Fatally Injured


Australia Early indications are that the crane jib came into contact with 22Kv overhead lines.  The accident occurred at the corner of KNUTSFORD and WRIGHT streets in BELMONT, a PERTH suburb, on January 12, 2000. The matter was reported in the WEST AUSTRALIAN newspaper the following day and again on Read More

Power Line Contact


Sante Fe, New Mexico A 35 Ton Hydraulic Truck Mount was booming up in the companies own crane yard and got into the power lines. POWER LINES IN A CRANE YARD, WHAT’S UP WITH THAT! There were no reported injuries, however, the crane appears to be a total loss.

Boomed Into Power Lines Above


Maryville, Illinois An operator of a boom truck (electrical contractor) who was unloading a piece of equipment at Maryville Water Plant in Maryville, Illinois (just outside St. Louis) allowed his boom to contact an overhead power line. Upon contacting the line the boom truck caught fire causing second and third degree Read More

Australian Dogman Electrocuted


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia A 28 year old dogman was killed when roofing iron he was placing contacted powerlines. I think this is about the sixth or seventh death of a crane crew member due to electrical contact this year. The accident occured on a building site in Melbourne Victoria Australia. Read More

Power Line Accident


Plano, Texas A 278H Link-Belt and a 6275 Krupp were placing bridge beams on the new highway 190 in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The beams were being placed with a crane attached to each end of the beams. Half way through one lift the 6275 Krupp broke the Read More

Electrocutions Kills One & Injures Two


East Allen Township Electrocution killed a Trunzo Employee and injured two others. OSHA follows with investigations.

Electrical Arch Jumps from Power Lines


Ontario, Canada Crane was set up next to 60KV line within legal operating distance (confirmed by measurements.) Load that was to be picked (concrete pads) was set directly under lines. Ironically the person who placed the material to be picked was himself a crane operator, operating a loader or forklift Read More

Negligent Worker Barely Escapes Death


Accident occurred on I-15 reconstruction project ($3 billion highway renovation to complete in 2001) when the operator, without aid of a spotter backed his crane (boom raised) on a closed section of new freeway into a 46kv line to avoid automobiles parked in the work area. (Operator had been running Read More

Operator Killed Due to Crane Contact with Power Line


Melbourne, Australia This is the third power line related death posted to this site in less than a week.

Two Workers Electrocuted by Ladder


North Little Rock, Arkansas Two Donrey Outdoor Advertising Co. construction workers were killed Wednesday morning when a ladder on a truck contacted high-voltage wires as the men were preparing to change a billboard along Interstate 30 in North Little Rock. Jessie Simmons, 29, of 1401 Wolfe St. and Jose Marrero, Read More

2 Electrocuted in North Fulton Crane Accident


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