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Truck Sheds 180ft Boom

Truck Sheds Boom 7-17-2015 10-18-17 AM

 Dallas, Texas A truck carrying a Genie SX180 boom lift overturned on a freeway in Dallas, Texas, yesterday shedding its load onto the central reservation. The road was closed for some time while the machine was recovered and central barrier repaired.                   Read More

Truck Strikes Platform – Proves Fatal


Pike Township, Ohio A man working on a traffic light was badly injured yesterday when his platform was struck by a passing truck in Pike Township, Ohio, The man, Paul Vaughn, 46, of Thompson Electric, had only just set up his truck mounted lift, at the intersection and telescoped his Read More

Fatal Road Accident

Fatal Rd Accident 7-2-2015 1-13-17 PM

 Nysa, Poland An articulated delivery truck carrying a boom lift in Poland, collided with a car on Saturday killing the driver. Local reports say that the man, 60, inexplicably pulled out in front of the truck transporting a boom lift owned by Mateco, causing the truck driver to swerve and Read More

Fatal Outrigger Strike

Fatal Outrigger -11-2015 1-43-58 PM

 Manchester, England A loader crane outrigger which extended while the truck it was on drove through a residential area struck and killed a pedestrian in Altrincham, near Manchester, England on Thursday. The truck, a two axle flat-bed owned by Liverpool-based Blok N Mesh was carrying pedestrian barriers when one of Read More

Platform Hit by Truck

Platform Hit 6-5-2015 11-56-14 AM

 Hartford, Connecticut A man was taken to hospital yesterday after the platform he was working from was hit by a large articulated truck yesterday afternoon. The incident occurred on Interstate 91 near Rocky Hill just south of Hartford, Connecticut. The platform, a 13 meter Utem Skytel mounted on a pick Read More

Fatal Bridge Basher

Fatal Bridge Bash 4-3-2015 4-23-02 PM

Salado, Texas A truck transporting a telescopic boom lift in Texas, struck a bridge yesterday setting of a chain reaction, which brought a beam down onto a pick-up truck, killing the driver, Clark Davis, 32. According to police the truck, carrying a Genie boom owned by United Rentals on a Read More

Trailer Lift Breaks Free

Trailer Lift 3-20-2015 4-20-22 PM

 Abilene Texas A trailer lift became unhitched from the pick up pulling it in Abilene Texas, yesterday and struck a car, injuring the driver. Little information is available, apart from the fact that the trailer lift was a Bil-Jax 3632T and that the driver was not thought to be seriously Read More

Crane Runs Away in UK

Run Away 2-20-2015 3-27-27 PM

 Plymouth, in the south west of the UK A five axle Liebherr All Terrain crane belonging to Ainscough Crane Hire reportedly ran away while parked at a services on the A38 near Plymouth, in the south west of the UK at 7 AM this morning ending up on an embankment. Read More

Boom Bridge Bash

Bridge Bash 2-20-2015 3-36-01 PM

Brisbane, Australia A large boom lift came off the back of a truck in Brisbane, Australia this morning after it struck a bridge in Kangaroo Point.                                 The boom struck the overpass as it went Read More

Bridge Bashing Flips Van

Bridge Bash 2-8-2015 6-35-48 PM

Bradford, Yorkshire, UK A van mounted aerial lift flipped onto its side after hitting a bridge yesterday in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. We have very little information on what happened, apart from the fact that as the van mount tried to pass under the bridge it struck it and flipped over. Read More

Crane Outrigger Catches Cars

Outrigger 2-8-2015 6-46-53 PM

 Farnham, Surrey, in the UK The outrigger beam on a city type All Terrain crane badly damaged three cars as it extended while travelling to a job in Farnham, Surrey, in the UK yesterday. The crane, a two axle Demag owned by Terranova Crane Hire, was driving down a residential Read More

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