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Firefighters Seriously Injured

Firefighters Injured 10-24-2014 1-56-29 PM

Attersee, Austria Two firemen were seriously injured on Saturday in Seewalchen am Attersee, in central Austria after the loader crane on the truck they were driving struck a railway bridge and overturned. The two men, 36 and 43, were transporting a wrecked car on the back of the truck and Read More

Another Bridge Bashed

Another Bridge Bash 9-11-2014 11-35-21 AM

Morat, Switzerland A driver who forgot to stow his loader crane was injured yesterday near Murten (Morat) Switzerland after he struck a bridge on the A1 highway to the west of Berne. The truck was turned on its side by the impact with the bridge, resulting in the driver breaking Read More

Another Bridge Bashing

Bridge Bashing 8-8-2014 11-50-23 AM

Southern England A truck carrying a boom lift struck a pedestrian bridge in the UK yesterday ripping the platform and telescopic section out of the machine. The incident happened on the dual lane Dorset Way near Poole in southern England, and involved a Haulotte HA16PX articulated boom on a three Read More

Truly Bashed

Truly Bashed 8-8-2014 11-56-27 AM

Chesapeake, Virginia A delivery truck carrying an articulated boom lift smashed into a bridge yesterday in Chesapeake, Virginia, wrecking the truck bed and ripping the top off of the lift. The unit a relatively new JLG is owned by Sunbelt Rentals as is the delivery rig, the driver suffered from Read More

Man Killed in Dutch Access Incident

Man Killed Dutch Incident 8-8-2014 12-06-38 PM

Roermond, South East of  The Netherlands A man using a truck mounted platform died this morning after he was crushed between the basket and the concrete soffit he was working on.                             The man died crushed between the basket Read More

A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far 2-28-2014 1-22-49 PM

Tonbridge, Kent, in the UK A van mounted lift tried to pass under a bridge that was simply too low and ended up on two wheels yesterday in Tonbridge, Kent, in the UK.                           The unit hit the Read More

Bridge Basher Closes Tunnel

Bridge Basher Closes Tunnel 2-14-2014 1-24-25 PM

 Switzerland A driver who forgot to stow his loader crane, closed the Belchen tunnel between Olten and Basel, Switzerland last night. Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident. The driver had apparently loaded a container at a rest area around midnight last night, and then headed off down the Read More

Moving a Bridge

Moving a Bridget 1-23-2014 12-25-55 PM

1-585 Interstate highway,  South Carolina A truck transporting a large boom lift struck a bridge over the 1-585 Interstate highway in South Carolina last week, moving one of the bridge decks over a meter and a half.                           Read More

Crane Fatality in Boston

Crane Fatality in Boston 12-11-2013 1-36-54 PM

Boston Massachusetts A man was died after a six ton steel beam arch dropped from an overhead crane at Boston Bridge & Steel yesterday evening. The man – one of four men working in the vicinity at the time – was Marco Antonio Huezo Mancea, 46. Originally from El Salvador Read More

Crushing Incident in Pittsburgh

Crush Pittsburg 6-21-2013 10-12-13 AM

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A bridge inspector lost his life yesterday after he was crushed between the boom lift he was using and a steel bridge beam. The man, Tripat Mann, 58, reportedly an employee of the MA Beech Group, was inspecting a bridge over the I-279 highway in the north of Read More

Car Smashed as Crane Topples onto Road


GALLATIN, TN The crane, a Terex/American 165 owned and operated by Mountain States Contractors. Federal safety officials are investigating what caused a crane to collapse Tuesday and topple on to a moving car, and the Channel 4 I-Team has learned the company in charge of that crane has a history Read More

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