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Crane Takes Dip in Gold Coast

Crane Takes Dip 8-28-2015 3-30-48 PM

Queensland, Australia A crane operator had a lucky escape yesterday after his Franna pick & carry crane crashed through a motorway bridge barrier on the M1, in the Coomera area of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia yesterday, landing in the river below.                   Read More

Don’t Forget the Load

Bridge 8-21-2015 11-23-42 AM

Parris, France A delivery driver carrying a boom lift appeared to have forgotten his load when he passed a height warning sign, he was soon reminded as the articulated boom lift was smashed against the bridge in Paris on Wednesday morning.                   Read More

Netherlands Cranes Collapse in Alphen aan den Rijn

Netherlands 8-7-2015 1-09-12 PM

River Rhine, Netherlands Two cranes employed to restore a bridge in the central Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn have collapsed on to buildings with rescuers searching for victims. The amateur video showed the cranes, on a pontoon on the River Rhine, trying to hoist a section of the Read More

Where’s the Bridge?

Bridge 7-24-2015 1-55-55 PM

Marburg, Germany An improperly stowed loader crane struck a foot bridge in Lahntal, near Marburg, Germany yesterday. The timber transport truck, pulling a trailer was partially loaded with freshly cut trees, and was travelling with the crane partially raised over the top of the wood pile.         Read More

A Bridge Too Far

Bridge Too Far 6-5-2015 1-35-54 PM

New South Wales, Australia We have just heard of an incident in early May in which a bridge in New South Wales, Australia, collapsed when a four axle All Terrain crane tried to cross it. The wooden bridge near Coffs Harbour in the North of the state, was apparently structurally Read More

Narrow Escape After Bridge Bash

Bridge Bash 4-15-2015 2-02-52 PM

Dulwich, South London, UK Around 90 passengers on a London commuter train had a lucky escape yesterday after a truck with a loader crane smashed into a bridge it was crossing.                                       Read More

Fatal Bridge Basher

Fatal Bridge Bash 4-3-2015 4-23-02 PM

Salado, Texas A truck transporting a telescopic boom lift in Texas, struck a bridge yesterday setting of a chain reaction, which brought a beam down onto a pick-up truck, killing the driver, Clark Davis, 32. According to police the truck, carrying a Genie boom owned by United Rentals on a Read More

Bridge launcher crane collapse

Bridge Launcher Collapse 3-27-2015 1-53-57 PM

Manila, Philippines A bridge launcher crane helping build a new elevated highway in Manila, the Philippines, collapsed yesterday. The 180 ton girder crane was working on the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Elevated Skyway, when it dropped down into the street below, crushing four cars, but miraculously no one was hurt. Read More

Boom Bridge Bash

Bridge Bash 2-20-2015 3-36-01 PM

Brisbane, Australia A large boom lift came off the back of a truck in Brisbane, Australia this morning after it struck a bridge in Kangaroo Point.                                 The boom struck the overpass as it went Read More

Bridge Bashing Flips Van

Bridge Bash 2-8-2015 6-35-48 PM

Bradford, Yorkshire, UK A van mounted aerial lift flipped onto its side after hitting a bridge yesterday in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. We have very little information on what happened, apart from the fact that as the van mount tried to pass under the bridge it struck it and flipped over. Read More

Bridge Bash Takes Crane

Bridge Bash 1-9-2015 3-44-19 PM

Belgium A loader crane was ripped from its truck in Belgium earlier today, when it struck a low bridge. The crane, belonging to concrete products manufacturer Grandjean-Mabegra, was delivering concrete pipes and passing through the town of Pepinster, near Liege when it struck the railway bridge.         Read More

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