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Worker Killed When a Crane Boom Collapsed and Fell on Him


Walnut Grove, Alabama  Phillip Timothy Robinson, Age 41. According to OSHA, on the day of the accident for a bridge construction company, working in Colbert County, employees were removing a 21-foot section from an 80-foot Link-Belt crane. Thompson was standing under the crane and while he was pounding out a Read More

Tower Crane Boom Topples


Singapore Tower crane boom topples over, injuring two workers.

Boom Collapses in New Jersey

lattice boom buckles New Jersey 2000

Jersey City, NJ The operator backed the machine down an incline without first booming down to a safe boom angle. The boom collapsed over the back of the machine. From the photos, it appears there was nothing in the way that would have prevented the operator from swinging the crane Read More

Crane Collapses at Farmland Industries


Lawrence, Kansas Workers at Farmland Industries spent Saturday afternoon moving a collapsed crane that buckled in a Friday morning accident. Plant manager Dick Lind said an outside contractor was lifting a high case compressor into the nitrogen fertilizer plant’s troubled compressor building when the crane collapsed. The crane already had Read More

Crane Overturns


Austin, Texas There was an accident on Thursday, November 16th in Austin, Texas involving a 150 ton Link-Belt conventional owned by Alamo Crane Service of San Antonio, Texas. They were setting tilt-walls when the crane turned over. The crane was in the process of walking a tilt wall on an Read More

Boom Collapse Injures Crane Operator


Andrews County, Texas Crane operator injured when boom collapsed. Crews were erecting a tower for Western Wireless when the boom of a crane collapsed. The cab where the operator was sitting twisted off and crashed and 28-year-old Bobby Warren King of Odessa, Texas was trapped inside. The crane belongs to Read More

A Manitowoc 888 Crane Involved in Accident

Large Lattice Boom Buckles 2000

A Manitowoc 888 owned by Bragg Crane & Rigging was involved in an accident on Thursday. The crane operator had just released the load after people told him that a chord on the luffer was bent and the crane was making strange noises. The operator was booming down to check Read More

Crane Boom Falls

Hoist Releases & Sends Tower Crane to Ground Ohio 2000 (6)

Cheshire, Ohio A crane boom fell on 9/12/00 at the Gavin Power House project in Cheshire, Ohio. Rumor has it that “the boom hoist let go” which the pictures also seem to indicate. It is also reported the crane is a Lampson Crane. There were no injuries.

Boom Falls Killing Man


California One man was killed this morning in Monrovia in a mining operation when the boom of a Grove RT 58 fell and struck the victim. The victim was working with a load that was being lifted when the pin holding the boom sheared. The pick was made at a Read More

Boom Fails

Terex boom crater Zug Island Michigan 2000

Zug Island, Michigan Terex boom crater.  This accident occurred at Great Lakes Steel, on Zug Island, Michigan. This photo is of an almost new 35 ton Terex (under 500 hrs.). The operator was furnished with an incorrect weight on the pick. The lift was over the capacity for the jib, Read More

Link-Belt 248 Jib Folded Back Over Main Boom

Link-belt 248 Boom Buckles New York 2000

New York The decision was made by the NYC Department of Cranes and Derricks, the Owner and the Customer to clear the job and boom the crane down. The Master Machanic on the job pushed the lever in boom down (on idle) and ran away from the crane. It couldn’t Read More

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