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Boom Failure on New Crane

Boom Buckles New Crane 2000

Unfortunately this crane is virtually new too.

Concrete Beam Falls From Crane Killing Man at Plant


Pass Christian, Mississippi The crane is a Manitowoc 222. It was configured with 150 feet of main boom, no jib. It was working with about 50% of its rated load capacity when the accident occurred. Initial reports indicated that the crane was holding a concrete bucket and as the workers Read More

Tree Service Totals Crane


A tree service company pretty much totaled their crane on Thursday. They bent the boom right in the center. The operator said he heard a loud grinding noise and then the boom bent. Upon further inspection, they actually twisted the whole truck frame.

Crane Accident with 3 Fatalities

Crane Operator

London, England The three workmen killed when a crane snapped and plunged 400 feet in London’s Docklands have been named. The dead men were Peter Clark, 33, from Southwark, London; Martin Burgess, 31, from Castleford, West Yorkshire; and Michael Whittard, 39, from Leeds. Health and safety investigators are continuing on-site Read More

An RT335 With a Bent Boom

RT335 Bent Telescopic Boom 2000

Here’s the picture of the RT335 that the boom was bent on. I guess this is called a ‘pleasure bend’ in New England. The first grey section of boom next to the white butt section has a nice bend. The second grey section does also, but is less noticable. Once Read More

State Faces Questions Over Crane Accident


Auburn, New York Original Accident It’s been more than two years since Laura Cuthbert was nearly killed in a crane accident, and she’s still trying to find out what happened. In response to her most recent plea for help, state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s office wrote that it doesn’t have Read More

Non Crane Operator Crashes Crane


An individual, not an operator, at the site got into the crane. Big mistake. The tracks were retracted all the way in and they put 140′ of boom out over the side of the machine. Crash! I’ll fill you in with a location as well as pictures of during and Read More

Waste Hauler Killed When Boom Falls


Waukegan, Illinois More details lost due to broken / missing links.

A 65 Ton American Off the Chart in Mexico


More details lost due to broken links.

M250 Manitowoc Tipped

M250 Manitowoc tipped in Blackstone, MA 1

The crane was on bare rental from Sellah & Pecci to Dick Corporation. The accident happened in a local Power Plant while setting a 40 ton manlift. The machine got light and the boom collapsed. It is reported there were no deaths and only minor injuries. This crane was totaled. Read More

Crane Accident at Mississippi State University Campus


Mississippi According to Clyde Payne, OSHA’s Jackson area director, an Advance Masonry employee, Claude Spann, Jr., was working on a scaffold preparing to do stone work on the front of the David C. Swalm Chemical Engineering building when the accident occurred. A crane boom fell, striking the scaffold and fatally Read More

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