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Seven Die in Crane Incident

7 Die 10-2-2015 1-53-50 PM

Bihar Region of India Seven men were killed last Monday in the Bihar region of India, after the boom of a small crawler crane came down on them. Details are still far from clear, but we do know that the crane was on a barge below the bridge, and was Read More

Netherlands Cranes Collapse in Alphen aan den Rijn

Netherlands 8-7-2015 1-09-12 PM

River Rhine, Netherlands Two cranes employed to restore a bridge in the central Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn have collapsed on to buildings with rescuers searching for victims. The amateur video showed the cranes, on a pontoon on the River Rhine, trying to hoist a section of the Read More

Fatal Crane Jump

Fatal Crane Jump 3-27-2015 1-36-43 PM

 Wellington Harbor, New Zealand A man died yesterday after jumping into the water from the boom of the Hikitia floating crane in Wellington Harbor, New Zealand. It is thought that the man, 20, was inspired by a video on Facebook that showed another man successfully diving in to the water Read More

Crane Overturns in to Dock

Overturn on Dock 2-20-2015 3-41-35 PM

Tamil Nadu, in Southern India A mobile crane overturned while lifting a new boat yesterday in the Indian town of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, in Southern India Three people were injured when the crane attempted to lift the 20 ton fishing boat into the sea, one is thought to have been Read More

Crane Overturns in New Jersey

Crane OT New Jersey 1-9-2015 3-28-14 PM

 Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey A Rough Terrain crane overturned yesterday in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, seriously injuring a man on site.                                         The operator was thrown from the cab Read More

Tugboat Captain Killed after Crane Strikes Bridge on Industrial Canal


New Orleans, Louisiana The captain of a tugboat is dead after an accident on the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC), or Industrial Canal, early Thursday morning. According to Coast Guard – New Orleans, around midnight, the tug boat Cory Michael was pushing a crane in the Inner Harbor Navigational Canal, Read More

Boom Lift Recovered

Boom LIft Recovered 7-24-2014 1-45-34 PM

Chicago River A boom lift has been recovered from the Chicago River after the barge it was working from sunk. The 60ft JLG 600S boom lift had been working on the Chicago Riverwalk extension project from a barge last month owned by Walsh Construction. Over the course of the night Read More

Crawler Takes out Power Lines

Crawler Takes Out Power Lines 7-17-2014 2-44-12 PM

Oldenburg, Germany A lattice boom crawler crane being transported on a barge in Oldenburg, Germany has overturned after coming into contact with overhead power lines. The crane was on a barge on the river Hunte and moving down river to work on a railway bridge over the river when its Read More

Floating Crane Buckles

Floating Crane Buckles 12-11-2013 1-21-05 PM

Zeeland, Southern Holland A floating crane working on the salvage of a sunken German mine layer from the second world war, collapsed yesterday while attempting to lift the final piece. The crane, owned by De Klerk Waterbouw, was said to be making a 100 tonne lift when an unplanned movement Read More

Langley Barge Tips, Crane Still on Bottom

Barge Dumps Crane 8-23-2013 1-43-19 PM

 Langley, Washington State The marina expansion project at South Whidbey Harbor hit a snag Wednesday after the barge used to install the pilings took on water and dumped a crane overboard. As crews from Neptune Marine prepared to install the second piling in the expansion project, a slip collar around Read More

Operator Charged In Crane Collapse In Stamford Harbor

Operator Arrested Stamford Harbour Marina in Connecticut 6-21-2013 11-13-39 AM

Update from 5/22 Report : Stamford Harbor Marina in Connecticut State Police arrested the man who was operating the crane that collapsed in Stamford Harbor several weeks ago. Richard Dufresne, 44, of Poughquag, N.Y., was charged with first-degree reckless endangerment, operating a crane without a license and operating an unregistered crane, Read More

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