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Boom Bridge Bash

Bridge Bash 2-20-2015 3-36-01 PM

Brisbane, Australia A large boom lift came off the back of a truck in Brisbane, Australia this morning after it struck a bridge in Kangaroo Point.                                 The boom struck the overpass as it went Read More

Crane Dropped in Tandem Lift

Crane Dropped 2-13-2015 1-56-40 PM

Fremantle port in Australia Two ship cranes dropped a large mobile telescopic crane they were lifting in tandem at Fremantle port in Australia on Tuesday. The hoist rope on one of the two cranes clearly failed dropping one end of the crane which then slipped from both sets of rigging. Read More

Boom Drops on Pizza Hut

Crane drops on Pizza Hut 2-13-2015 1-51-22 PM

Barrow, Furness in the UK We have received information and a photograph of an incident in Barrow, Furness in the UK on Tuesday evening, where the superstructure of a telescopic truck mounted lift broke free from its chassis, causing the boom to drop on to the roof of a Pizza Read More

Cranes Drop Stack

Crane Drop Stack 2-13-2015 1-41-15 PM

Darwin, Australia An incident occurred at the Blaydin Point natural gas processing plant near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, last week while two cranes were installing a large exhaust stack in a tandem lift. Information is scarce, following a security clamp-down at the site, which is part of the massive Ichthys Read More

Boom Overturn Due to Ground

Boom Overturn 2-8-2015 6-07-45 PM

Roosendaal, the Netherlands A boom lift overturned earlier today in Roosendaal, the Netherlands when the ground – gave way under one of its wheels.                                 The machine was only partially extended         Read More

Harness Saves Life in Boom Overturn

Harness Saves Life 2-8-2015 6-24-45 PM

Carteret, New Jersey A boom overturned in Carteret, New Jersey (to the south of Newark near Staten Island) yesterday leaving the operator dangling from his harness. The boom is thought to have been working on a telephone mast when it overturned in the snow, throwing the man from the basket. Read More

Crushing Incident in Illinois


Wilmington, Illinois A man died on Friday after he was crushed between the basket of the boom lift he was using and an overhead beam on a job site in Wilmington, Illinois. A co-worked noticed that something was wrong around noon, and found Patrick Wilda, 33, unconscious in the lift Read More

Unstable Crane Closes Road

Unstable Crane 2-8-2015 6-16-26 PM

Chesterfield Virginia The boom of a lattice crawler crane threatened to come down today across a major road and power lines in Chesterfield Virginia. The crane, a Terex crawler owned by Corman Construction, was working on a road project when the boom started to go over the back. Fortunately it Read More

Bridge Bashing Flips Van

Bridge Bash 2-8-2015 6-35-48 PM

Bradford, Yorkshire, UK A van mounted aerial lift flipped onto its side after hitting a bridge yesterday in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. We have very little information on what happened, apart from the fact that as the van mount tried to pass under the bridge it struck it and flipped over. Read More

Winds Overturn Crane

Wind Overturns Crane 2-8-2015 6-29-44 PM

 Bursa, Turkey A large crawler crane working on the new Timsah Arena Stadium, in Bursa, Turkey came down over the weekend in strong storms, killing the driver of a passing car.                                 The crane flipped Read More

Crane Outrigger Catches Cars

Outrigger 2-8-2015 6-46-53 PM

 Farnham, Surrey, in the UK The outrigger beam on a city type All Terrain crane badly damaged three cars as it extended while travelling to a job in Farnham, Surrey, in the UK yesterday. The crane, a two axle Demag owned by Terranova Crane Hire, was driving down a residential Read More

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