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Crane Operators to the Rescue!

sunderland 1

Sunderland, UK Two crane operators from UK rental company J Hewitt Crane Hire made the newspapers yesterday when they played a key role in the rescue of a family of three from an overturned car on the A19 road near Sunderland. Crane operator and rigger Kieran Edwards was driving the Read More

Virginia Utility Worker Shocked

Virginia Utilitly Worker Shocked 6-19-2014 8-22-29 AM

 Ivy, Virginia A utility contractor employee suffered serious burns on Tuesday after he and the work platform he was using touched a live overhead power line in Ivy, Virginia. The emergency services rescued him with a fire ladder, once they had cut the power supply to the area and made Read More

Loader Crane Rips Out Power Lines

Crane Rips out Power Lines 1-2-2014 3-20-00 PM

 Shelton, Washington A slow moving train, equipped with a log loader crane, pulled out a large number of overhead power line poles as it traveled through the town of Shelton in Washington state on Thursday morning. The destruction covered a two block area and left over 700 buildings without electricity, Read More

Tandem Lift Overturn in Caracas

Tandem Crane Overturns 12-19-2013 12-17-17 PM

Caracas, Venezuela We have received photographs of an incident involving two five axle All Terrain cranes in Caracas, Venezuela last Friday.                                               The overall scene The incident occurred Read More

Two shocked in Texas

Two Shocked in Texas 12-19-2013 11-56-50 AM

 San Antonio, Texas Two utility workers were shocked while using a bucket truck to work on overhead power lines in San Antonio, Texas yesterday. The two men, employees of CPS Energy, were working on the North West side of town and according to local reports were hit by a large Read More

Fatal Boom Lift Incident in Belgium

Fatal Boom Lift Norway12-12-2013 12-07-01 PM

Ardooie, Belgium Two men died this morning after a platform broke away from a boom lift and landed on a passing truck. The incident occurred early this morning, around 5:30 on a busy high speed stretch of road near the West Flemish town of Ardooie – to the south of Read More

Train Hits Boom Lift

Train Hits Boom Lift 12-19-2013 11-09-38 AM

 Des Moines Iowa A train slammed into a boom lift that was working on the underside of a bridge near Des Moines Iowa last week, injuring the two men in the platform.                                     Read More

Man Rescued from Scissor Lift


 Los Angeles, California A man operating a scissor lift at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday was rescued from a potential crushing incident by quick thinking colleagues. The man, 22, was working near Gate 83 in center of Terminal 8 – the United Airlines gates – when inadvertent operation of the Read More

Boom Flips While Loading

Boom Flips 10-24-2013 11-33-52 AM

 Butte, Montana A 60 ft boom lift slipped off the side of a delivery truck yesterday in Butte, Montana fatally injuring the operator, Jay Bickford, 46. A second man in the platform was injured. It looks as though the operator had been in the process of slewing the boom through Read More

Firefighters to the Rescue

Firefighters to the Rescue 10-4-2013 12-45-23 PM

Vösendorf, Austria Another example of fire fighters being called in to rescue men trapped/stranded in a boom lift, rather than using the emergency descent procedures. Three men were trapped in a boom lift at a height of around 30 meters  in Vösendorf, Austria last night after the machine stopped working. Read More

Rope Rescue

Aerial Lift Rescue 9-19-2013 7-22-07 PM

Butte, Montana Fire crews rescued a man stranded in a boom lift in Butte Montana, last Thursday, he was working on the head-frame of the closed Belmont copper mine. In recent years many of Butte’s dozen or so distinctive head-frames have been restored and illuminated with red LED lights, they Read More

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