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Mobile Tower Crane Incident in London


The jib of a Spierings mobile self erecting tower crane broke free and dropped onto the job site where it was working, in London, UK, Wednesday, November 21.

Thankfully no was injured in the incident and damage was light. We understand that the cause of the incident was due to the failure of one of the steel tie rods that runs down the back of the tower and support the jib gantry. The crane owned and operated by City Lifting was a 2008 model that joined the company’s fleet when it acquired the K-Lift cranes in 2012.

As a result of the failure the company has stood down two other cranes in its fleet of the same age and type, in order to fully inspect the same components and will also be carrying out a further tie bar inspection of other cranes in its fleet of a similar design. The HSE is on site and investigating the incident.

We believe that the manufacturer is looking at issuing a special inspection advisory to all other owners of the same crane and series.

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