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Fatal Crawler Crane Overturn


A crawler crane operator has died in an incident at a wind farm in Poweshiek County, Iowa over the weekend.

Blattner Energy, which is currently installing turbines for MidAmerican Energy at the North English wind farm in Poweshiek County– has confirmed that a crane operator died as a result of an incident on the project but has not released any details.

We understand however, that the crane was raising a long boom when the ground gave way under the tracks. The boom landed back on the ground with the impact causing the counterweights to crash into the operator’s cab. Although this has not been fully corroborated. We will update this as soon as we have more information that we can use.

The Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office and OSHA are investigating.

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  1. Amber says:

    This peron died as a result of the drug addicted coworkers of his cutting corners when building the road under it…they didnt do there research and built the road on and old foundation for a house which they would have known had they done there job thoroughly which as addicts there mg pt caable of

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