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Strong Winds Take Crane Jib


Strong winds took a luffing tower crane jib over the back in a Melbourne, Australia on Monday night, July 24.

The crane, a Raimondi owned by sales and rental company Clark Cranes was working on a Rescom site in the Richmond area of central Melbourne when the wind caught the jib and took it over the back, coming to rest against the stops. According to Michael Clark of Clark Cranes the crane had not been left to weather vane properly, and the jib angle was not set at the correct angle.

A total of 88 people were evacuated from nearby properties, and local roads were closed, while work to stabilize the crane began at first light. A mobile crane was also called in, ready to dismantle the crane.

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  1. murray says:

    i worked on that job, Clarkes had been told numerous times the slew break & weather vane were not engaging correctly, they also had the crane in b
    Box Hill that lost the kibble of concrete & killed 1 man, they are very dodgy

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