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Fatal Crane Incident


A man working on a job site in Ermatingen – Thurgau, north east of Zurich, Switzerland died yesterday after he was hit in the head by a falling tower crane jib.

The man, 56, was working on the residential building site, when the jib of a self-erecting tower crane dropped into the middle of the site, striking him in the head. He was declared dead at the scene.

While we have now received some photos, taken from the road we do not know at this stage what might have caused the incident, although it looks like a luffing cable or luffing mechanism failure.


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  1. This crane does not have a luffing function – the accident looks more a side loading of the jib to me from this picture.

    These Potain self erector jibs are very light weight and can not support much side loading. I have found it a common operation error to start to slew with the load grounded – mostly an error of using the wrong leaver on the remote control

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