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Tower Crane Drops Jib


Charlotte Street, London

A tower crane jib came crashing down onto the building it was working on in Charlotte Street, London. We have received several reports from readers in London, one of which said that the crane lost its counterweight, although that has not been confirmed. We do know that the jib bent and dropped onto the facade of the building with the hook block landing on the bed of a delivery truck while the jib tip access platform was left dangling above the street. london tower crane 1 The tower crane, is a small cable-hydraulic, remote controlled luffer, a copy of the Vanson LCL 20.1 crane made by IT cranes of Portugal for UK based Falcon Tower Cranes. The emergency services are on site and as far as we are aware no one has been injured in the incident. We will update as we learn more. london tower crane 2 london tower crane 3

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