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Runaway Crane


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A man was lucky to have escaped with his life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, yesterday after a truck crane ran away and collided with his car. The crane – a well used three axle Japanese truck crane – owned by MB Crane Trading & service, was apparently being driven up the hill when the engine stalled, the driver, Asrol Hisham Baharom, 36, jammed the brakes on, but they were not functioning, so the crane began to run backwards down the hill. All he could do was try and steer the crane towards a tree. k lampurr     However it ran into the side of an occupied car, which was in the way, and pushed it into the side of a house. The car driver, 59, and passenger were trapped, they were helped out by the fire and rescue service, the driver was taken to hospital for treatment for a minor head injury. His passenger, said to be his wife, was unhurt. The crane then managed to pull out of the area and set up – somewhat precariously – in order to lift the smashed car from the house. Police have stated that an investigation is looking into a case under Section 43 of the Roads Transport Act 1987 for driving recklessly.  

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