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Crane Operators to the Rescue!


Sunderland, UK

Two crane operators from UK rental company J Hewitt Crane Hire made the newspapers yesterday when they played a key role in the rescue of a family of three from an overturned car on the A19 road near Sunderland.

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Crane operator and rigger Kieran Edwards was driving the Teeside based company’s 35 tonne Zoomlion QY35V truck crane to a construction site in Whitley Bay, North East England along with fellow operator Rob Lodge when the traffic rapidly slowed just in front of the crane, slamming on the brakes Edwards brought the crane to a stop just in front of the wreckage, the two operators immediately jumped out to check if anyone was still inside and found all three members of a family trapped inside the over turned car. The three were eventually freed thanks to the two operators and fellow motorists who also approached the wreck. One young boy appeared to have suffered more than the adults. All three were taken to hospital.

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Edwards, 23, said: “We saw the traffic stopping and reached this over turned car we just jumped out to see if anyone was still in the car and there was, so we did what anyone would have done and helped. The family were quite shaken and were taken to hospital.”

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