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Major Construction Crane Accident Hornsby, Sydney, Australia

Tower Crane Accident Hornby, Sydney, Australia

Tower Crane Accident Hornby Australia

February 26, 2016

Neighbors to a construction site in Hornsby Australia were evacuated after a tower crane collapsed in Hornsby, a town in the northwest of Sydney. Fire and Rescue did not believe that wind was the cause at the time. Three blocks of buildings were evacuated nearby, and cranes were brought in to stabilize it until the wreckage
could be investigated and removed.



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  1. The crane operator was trying to move a rubbish bin that was far to heavy for the crane to lift – so he decided to lift one end of the bin and slew the crane to drag the bin sideways ….. putting a massive side load on the jib which resulted in this collapse.

    I assisted the Fire and Rescue service and the crane Rigger’s in the planning of the removal operation- I have loads of photographs if you are interested in a few more for your site.

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