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Crawler Over

Crawler Over 5-8-2015 10-28-07 AM

 Basel, Switzerland A 50 ton crawler crane overturned in Basel, Switzerland, on Tuesday. Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident. The incident occurred on the site of a new treatment plant in Reinach, on the south side of the city. The crane was slewing a bundle of timber at Read More

Boom Overturns

Boom Overturns 5-8-2015 10-15-43 AM

Monsey, New York A boom lift overturned in Monsey, New York on Sunday evening, injuring and stranding the operator in the elevated platform.                                                   The overturned Read More

Lucky Escape in Bangkok

Lucky Escape 5-8-2015 10-05-38 AM

 Bangkok, Thailand A mobile crane overturned in Bangkok yesterday, with the boom falling across rail tracks and landing on two cars, injuring one person. The incident occurred near Don Muang train station on the north side of the city yesterday morning, the crane owned by the Italian Thai construction company, Read More

Fatal Telehandler Overturn

Fatal Overturn 5-8-2015 9-51-21 AM

Groningen in the Netherlands A man died and 11 others were injured at a vintage car rally in Oosterwolde – between Zwolle and Groningen in the Netherlands – on Saturday, when a Roto telehandler, fitted with a large work platform tipped forward while giving a group of children and adults Read More

Fatal Crane Overturn

Fatal Crane Overturn 5-8-2015 9-42-14 AM

 Leipzig, Germany A five axle All Terrain crane over turned in Leipzig, Germany, Sunday morning, killing the operator and seriously injuring another. The crane, a Liebherr owned by Hamburg-based crane and heavy haulage company Thömen, was being used to dismantle a tower crane in a pedestrian area of the city Read More

Telehandler and platform flips


West Fargo, North Dakota     A man was seriously injured yesterday when a telehandler fitted with a work platform overturned. The man Chad Miller, 25, in the platform at the time with a load of roof shingles. According to the local police, the CAT TH360B was working on the Read More

Fatal Crane Overturn

FAtal Crane Overturn 4-24-2015 2-06-45 PM

Toronto, Canada A man in his 40’s was killed on a job site near Toronto, Canada, yesterday after he was struck by an overturning truck crane. The incident occurred in the Brampton area where the man’s employer Forma-Con Construction was working. The police have confirmed that the Ministry of Labor Read More

Tower Crane Collapse

Tower Crane Collapse 4-24-2015 1-53-04 PM

Antwerp, Belgium A self-erecting tower crane overturned in West Malle, to the north east of Antwerp, Belgium yesterday, when the outrigger base gave way.                             The crane came down onto a truck The crane, a1983 Arcomet TZ24 Read More

Crane Tips in Yard

Crane Tips 4-15-2015 2-52-53 PM

Mainz, Germany A large All Terrain owned by crane rental company Riga Mainz at its yard in Mainz, Germany, on Sunday when an employee forgot to set the outriggers. Thankfully no one was seriously injured in the incident. According to the police, an employee was cleaning the crane and slewed Read More

Crawler Crane Overturn

Crawler Crane Over 4-15-2015 2-14-57 PM

Virginia Beach, Virginia A crawler crane flipped over backwards at a bridge site in Virginia Beach, Virginia yesterday. The crane, a somewhat dated FMC Linkbelt, belonging to McClean Contracting – the main contractor on the $79 million Lesner Bridge replacement project – was lifting a load when the ground appears Read More

Fatal Load Drop in Taiwan

Fatal Drop 4-15-2015 2-59-03 PM

Taiwan Four people died on Friday when the two crane tandem lift of a 43 meter long steel beam, went wrong, dropping it 12 meters into the road below. The 43 meter steel box section, said to weigh 209 tons, is part of the elevated rail track for the new Read More

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