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Lucky Escape in Crane Brake Failure


Oradell, New Jersey

A truck mounted crane overturned onto parked cars yesterday in Oradell, near Newark, New Jersey.

The crane, a top end boom truck with cab, on a three axle chassis, is owned by Leons Crane Service, and was driving down a hill towards the town’s health center, when the operator realized that he had no brakes.

In order to try and stop the runaway crane he made a very sharp left hand turn at the bottom of the hill, causing the crane to flip over on its side, landing on the beck end of three parked cars. If he had gone straight on he would have probably ended up in the local reservoir, while he faced power lines to his right.

No one was hurt in the incident, although the crane’s fuel tank did empty onto the drive. Two large wrecker trucks managed to pull the stricken crane back onto its wheels within a few hours of the incident occurring.

Two large wrecker trucks managed to upright the crane within a few hours

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