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Dutch Crane Mess Cleared


Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands

The two cranes that overturned in August in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands have now been removed.

A large floating crane was brought in, along with three large telescopic All Terrains from Mammoet. The two stricken cranes were then cut into sections and lifted on to barges by the floating crane.

Then on Friday the dropped bridge deck – the load that the two cranes had dropped – was also raised from the flattened buildings, using a combination of the floating crane and the two larger mobiles, both of which were working with boom suspension systems in place. The deck was then placed back into the barge mounted cradle that it had been delivered on.

The building rubble will now be moved and the road and underground services checked out before the bridge is finally repaired. We hope to learn more on how the recovery was planned and executed, but are posting this preliminary report following a large number of requests for information on the recovery, which was clearly a challenging proposition, given the access to the area etc…

One of the fallen cranes is hoisted by the floating crane after its boom had been removed

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