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Crane Brings Down Boom Lift


Columbus, Ohio

A man fell around 18 meters after the aerial lift he was working from was struck by an overturning crane yesterday in Genoa Township, on the north side of Columbus, Ohio..

The man had hooked a massive section of tree trunk to a 23 ton National 800 boom truck, working with a fully extended main boom, and then after it was cut free it proved too heavy and pulled the crane over with its boom striking the boom of the truck mounted lift, causing it to buckle. The tree worker in the platform, Matt Shaffer, then fell to the ground, although the local emergency services have been quoted as saying that he was wearing all the relevant safety gear.

The tree company; Charter Oaks Tree & Landscaping owns the equipment and is very experienced at removing trees with the boom truck. However in this case the load, said to weigh 1.5 tons, proved too much. Company owner Phil Mallory described the incident as “freakish”.

The overturned boom truck

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