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Crawler Boom Tips in Auckland


Auckland, New Zealand

A tracked boom lift overturned at a street side building site in Auckland, New Zealand, earlier today trapping one man in the guardrails.

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The boom was apparently travelling while fully loaded and extended

According to a witness the lift – a big platform crawler boom, possibly a Nagano/Hanix – rented from Mr Hire/Cascade was lifting three men along with a load of scaffold in the platform, the boom was extended at a low boom angle and then started travelling and tried to cross what was described as a ditch – although from the photo we have received it looks more like a step – when it overturned.

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The unit was driving over the edge of a step or ridge

The platform narrowly missed the facade scaffold, that we assume it was helping erect, and fortunately only the “trapped” man was injured and we understand his injuries were minor.

Auckland Crawler Tip 10-2-2015 2-17-36 PM3























Fortunately injuries and damage appears minor

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