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Tree Man Catapulted


West Fargo, North Dakota

A tree worker was catapulted out of his platform on Thursday in West Fargo, North Dakota while trying to lift a log.

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Mr Tree Canopy’s Altec bucket truck lifting a limb

The man, James Morrissette, 41, of  Mr. Canopy Tree Care, had tied a large tree limb to the bucket truck he was using and – according to the local police – he was attempting to lift it. It seems that he was operating the boom from the bucket at height of around six meters, the rope then broke and the sudden unloading of the boom catapulted Morrissette to the ground – as he was obviously not wearing harness with attached lanyard.

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A closer look – it is likely that Morissette was carrying out a similar lift when he was thrown from the bucket?

He was rushed to hospital where his injuries were declared to be “Non life threatening”. This man is very lucky indeed to be alive. Hopefully he will be a little more careful next time and will wear a harness with short lanyard attached to the anchor point when using the bucket truck next time.

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