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Dropped Steeple


 Nova Scotia, Canada

The boom of a crane removing a 150 year old wooden steeple from a church in Milton, Nova Scotia, Canada on Friday, collapsed dropping it the ground and bringing down the local power lines.

The crane, a Link Belt 8690 truck crane, rented from All Erection was working with a full five section boom plus swing-away extension, and had lifted the steeple clear of the building when it appears to have been caught in the wind a little.

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The crane lifts the steeple from the church with full stick

The crane slewed round and clearly sensing issues with the boom the operator started to lower it as fast as he could, but it was too late for the boom, the fourth section folded close to its base, dropping the load to the ground where it smashed into a large number of pieces. It also brought down a number of overhead lines tripping the power supply to the area.

Steeple 8-14-2015 1-55-25 PM2



















As the operator tried to lower the load the boom gave way

Thankfully no was hurt or injured and the only damage was to the crane, the power lines and the steeple, which was the first stage in moving the old church to a new location in the town. Crowds came along to watch the event and a full video was taken of the lift as it  happened

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