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Don’t Forget the Load


Parris, France

A delivery driver carrying a boom lift appeared to have forgotten his load when he passed a height warning sign, he was soon reminded as the articulated boom lift was smashed against the bridge in Paris on Wednesday morning.

Bridge 8-21-2015 11-23-42 AM























The driver ignored the 3.5m sign and seriously damaged the lift

The driver had a Lavendon platform on the back of his low loader/low boy trailer when he passed the sign stating banning vehicles over 3.5 meters high, and plowed into the bridge carrying an elevated section of Metro line six between Bercy and Chevaleret in the 13th Arrondissement. The line was closed while it was inspected for damage, but it turned out that the only damage was to an identification plaque.

The effect below however far more widespread with the traffic seriously disrupted until early afternoon. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.

Bridge 8-21-2015 11-23-42 AM2























A side view shows just how hard the machine impacted the bridge

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