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Truck Sheds 180ft Boom


 Dallas, Texas

A truck carrying a Genie SX180 boom lift overturned on a freeway in Dallas, Texas, yesterday shedding its load onto the central reservation. The road was closed for some time while the machine was recovered and central barrier repaired.

Truck Sheds Boom 7-17-2015 10-18-17 AM






















The boom lift was dumped over the central barrier

The truck, a three axle tractor unit with two axle trailer, was said to be travelling too fast as it entered a bend causing the driver to lose control and the trailer to flip. Thankfully no one was injured or hurt in the incident. The Genie SX180 weighs just under 25 tons.

Truck Sheds Boom 7-17-2015 10-18-17 AM2





















A view from above

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