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Tower Crane Collapse in Switzerland


Zurich, Switzerland

A top slewing tower crane overturned in Zurich, Switzerland yesterday, landing on an occupied apartment block on the opposite side of the street.

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The tower crane had only been erected two days prior to the overturn

The incident occurred in the western suburb of Urdorf, the crane, a Potain owned by Altec AG, which trades as Rollende Werkstatt Kran AG, had been erected on the new site earlier in the week, and was set up on the perimeter of the excavation.

From photographs we have received it looks as though one of the outriggers on the free-standing base sank into the ground causing the tower to go over backwards, landing on the roof of the block across the road and causing the jib to buckle.

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The problem looks as though it was associated with the base

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The jib came down on the other side of the apartment block

One man in the block was said to have been slightly injured, but that was it. The crane was quickly recovered and damage to the building assessed. We do not know if the operator was in the cab at the time. The site is being developed by Schmidt Gruppe.

Tower Collapse Swiz 7-2-2015 12-48-03 PM4
















A truck mounted lift was brought in to inspect the damage once the crane was removed

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