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Another Outrigger Overturn


Bouchain, North East France

A three axle All Terrain crane overturned yesterday in Bouchain, near Valenciennes in North East France, after the ground gave way under the outriggers on one side of the crane.

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The crane went over as the soft ground gave way beneath the outriggers on one one side of the crane

The crane, a PPM operated by Dumonceau Levage – part of the Loca Bourgeois / Guillouart crane rental\group – went over sideways while lifting a three ton concrete beam.

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The recovery of the crane begins

The fully extended main boom pulled down some overhead cables as it went over and damaged two parked cars,coming to rest across the trailer of the truck delivering the beams.The operator suffered some minor injuries, but was seriously hurt. Three other mobile cranes were called in to lift the stricken crane upright.

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Four cranes were involved in the recovery

Outrigger Overturn 6-18-2015 10-44-28 AM4























The crane almost back on its feet

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