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Fatal Telehandler Overturn


Groningen in the Netherlands

A man died and 11 others were injured at a vintage car rally in Oosterwolde – between Zwolle and Groningen in the Netherlands – on Saturday, when a Roto telehandler, fitted with a large work platform tipped forward while giving a group of children and adults a ride at a height of over 20 meters.

The injured included those in the platform and those standing below, including the man who died – a 48 year old who was at the show with his wife and three children. He was hit directly by the boom as it came down, killing him outright.

Eight of the 10 injured that were taken to hospital were children, ranging in age from four to 10. Two of the injured are in serious condition, including at least one of the children. Around 450 people were attending the event when the incident occurred.

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The machine had its full boom out with a platform full of children then it went over, as the outrigger jacks sunk into the ground

The machine, a large Merlo Roto, was set up on outriggers on the grass, but with no spreader plates were used under the outrigger pads. As the machine reached full height the outriggers began to sink, and the machine lost stability and tipped over.

Police and safety Inspectorate are investigating the incident, and police have appealed for members of the public to send them videos and photos of the incident.

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The machine was up-righted within 20 minutes of the incident and before any inspection took place

Initial reports that we received suggested that the machine had been free on wheels with retracted boom, it turns out that this was due to the fact that the machine was quickly pulled back upright after the incident, and the boom retracted and outriggers stowed. An absolute ‘No-No’ when such an incident has resulted in injury and death. Of course it could be that the people were trapped under the boom and thus pulling the machine off was absolutely the right thing to do.
Fortunately there should be plenty of photographic evidence of what happened.

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