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Fatal Boom Lift Overturn


Toronto, Canada

A boom lift overturned in the town of Markham, on the north east side of Toronto, Canada, this morning killing one of the platform’s occupants and seriously injuring another.

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The machine was working in the street, close to an intersection

The boom lift, which looks like an 86ft JLG telescopic, is owned by United Rentals and was driving with the boom fully retracted and almost fully elevated. It was working on the side-walk/pavement when one of its wheels rolled over a large culvert/manhole, breaking through the cover and causing the machine to lose stability and overturn.

One man was declared dead at the scene, while the other was rushed to hospital with very serious injuries.

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The overturned boom

The JLG 860SJ weighs over 17 tons, and this configuration the wheel would have had at the very least five tons bearing on it, and if poly-filled this would have been concentrated on a very small surface area. The chances of the cover being able to withstand such point loading’s was remote.

Fatal Boom OT 5-22-2015 2-13-55 PM3





















It looks certain that the machine was driven over a manhole cover which gave way under the high point loading’s imposed.

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