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 Basel, Switzerland

A 50 ton crawler crane overturned in Basel, Switzerland, on Tuesday. Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident.

The incident occurred on the site of a new treatment plant in Reinach, on the south side of the city. The crane was slewing a bundle of timber at the time when, according to some witnesses, the operator, Mirko Stambolija, stopped the crane suddenly and it went over sideways as the dynamic loading proved to be too much.

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The overturned crane

The boom narrowly missed a scaffold that was being erected, with the erector saying that he saw the boom begin to fall and did not know whether to remain on the scaffold or jump. He stayed put and that proved to be the right thing to do as the boom came down alongside the scaffold, rather than onto it. The crane is owned and operated by the contracting company Brun Group.

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The load that apparently took the crane over

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