Crane Accidents

Another Man Electrocuted


Prairieville, Louisiana

A man was electrocuted in Prairieville, Louisiana yesterday after he came into contact with overhead power lines while working from a vehicle mounted aerial work platform. The man, Courtney Jones, 38, an employee of Cable Works, was using a weighted rope to string new cable through trees alongside Louisiana Highway 73, when he touched energized power lines that were behind him. Man Executed 6-5-2015 11-00-27 AM                                             It took the emergency services some time to bring the platform down Jones was around eight or nine meters up when the incident occurred, rescue services had to wait some time to de-energize the power lines and ensure they were safe, before being able to bring him down. He was declared dead at the scene. Man Executed 6-5-2015 11-00-27 AM2                                             Jones was working among heavy tree cover which hid the overhead power lines

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