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Fatal Tree Incident

Fatal Tree 6-5-2015 11-13-28 AM

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania A man died yesterday and another is in hospital in a critical condition after the top boom of a bucket truck came down suddenly while trimming trees in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Yesterday. The deceased, Michael Shaud, 53, an employee of Shull’s Tree Trimming of Middletown, Pennsylvania, was Read More

Another Man Electrocuted

Man Executed 6-5-2015 11-00-27 AM

Prairieville, Louisiana A man was electrocuted in Prairieville, Louisiana yesterday after he came into contact with overhead power lines while working from a vehicle mounted aerial work platform. The man, Courtney Jones, 38, an employee of Cable Works, was using a weighted rope to string new cable through trees alongside Read More

Crane overturn in New Jersey

Crane OT New Jersey 5-22-2015 2-37-16 PM

Arlington, New Jersey A boom truck overturned yesterday in Arlington, New Jersey damaging a car but thankfully there were no injuries. The crane was set up on grass with outriggers retracted but down, mats were used under the outrigger pads/feet. The crane was using its retracted boom to support overhead Read More

Fatal Tower Crane Collapse

Fatal Tower Collapse5-22-2015 2-23-24 PM

Kemerovo, Russia A tower crane collapsed onto a car park and apartment block in Kemerovo, central Russia yesterday killing the crane operator, a 53 year old woman. No one else was injured in the incident.                               Read More

Fatal Boom Lift Overturn

Fatal Boom OT 5-22-2015 2-13-55 PM

Toronto, Canada A boom lift overturned in the town of Markham, on the north east side of Toronto, Canada, this morning killing one of the platform’s occupants and seriously injuring another.                                       Read More

Crane Overturns in Baltimore

Crane OT Baltimore 5-22-2015 2-08-53 PM

 Baltimore, Maryland A three axle All Terrain crane overturned in the city of Baltimore Maryland yesterday while setting up at outside the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, located in the city center. The crane appears to have slewed over the side with the retracted boom fully raised, counterweight in Read More

Fatal Crane Overturn

Crane Overturn 5-22-2015 1-49-31 PM

 Crestmore, California A crane operator died last week when his crane overturned in Crestmore, near San Bernadino, California. The man, Judge W. Lightfoot, 63, a master crane operator, was operating a three axle 75 ton lattice truck crane and appears to have been free on wheels, when it went over Read More

Soft Ground Causes Overturn

Soft Ground Overturn 5-22-2015 2-02-01 PM

Xiamen, China A truck crane overturned in Xiamen, China last week, crushing two cars, but fortunately no one was injured in the incident. Xiamen is located in south China on the coast opposite Taiwan.                                 Read More

Another Arborist Fatality

Arborist Fatality 5-22-2015 1-57-18 PM

Enterprise, Alabama A man cutting trees from the platform of a bucket truck, in Enterprise, Alabama, died last week, after a falling tree limb struck the lift’s boom, breaking it off from the base section and causing it to drop to the ground. The man was working from the articulated Read More

Fatal Fall in Texas

Fatal Fall TX 5-22-2015 1-42-26 PM

Devine, Texas A man died last week after falling around 30 meters from the platform of a boom truck, while installing a large restaurant sign. The man, Elias Contreras, 33, was an experienced sign worker, who is said to have had a fear of heights, even though his job involved Read More

Fatal Tower Crane Collapse

Fatal Tower 5-22-2015 1-35-23 PM

Doha, Qatar A tower crane came down across the airport road in Doha, Qatar yesterday killing one man, an Egyptian, and seriously injuring three others. The crane, which appears to be relatively new and owned by the contractor Mid Gulf, gave way at its base, close to the foundation while Read More

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