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Crane Overturn in Dallas


Dallas, Texas

A four axle All Terrain crane overturned onto the Dallas Museum of Art in Texas on Friday damaging part of the building.

The crane, a Grove belonging to Scharff Crane, was helping to erect a large tent for an event that the museum is organizing. The crane operator struck his head against the cab windscreen and was taken to hospital for treatment.

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The overturned crane

The crane was set up on a decent set of mats and steel spreader plates and ground was clearly not an issue in the incident. The five section boom was fully extended, and it looks as though the incident was down to some form of overloading. Osha is investigating the incident and said that it was talking to Crocker Crane and Macintyre crane and rigging about the incident.

A larger Grove crane was brought in from Davis Crane to upright the stricken crane. The museum remained open during the recovery.

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