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Narrow Escape After Bridge Bash


Dulwich, South London, UK

Around 90 passengers on a London commuter train had a lucky escape yesterday after a truck with a loader crane smashed into a bridge it was crossing.

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The crane struck the bridge knocking out part of the side

The incident occurred in Dulwich, South London, UK, the truck – owned by builders Merchants Jewson – was travelling with the loader crane partially elevated, when it struck the bridge as it passed beneath. The crane’s block/bulk bag grab was ripped from the boom and was flung onto the tracks in front of the oncoming train, which was fortunately travelling relatively slowly.

Bridge Bash 4-15-2015 2-02-52 PM2
























The crane was left partially elevated

The train driver slammed on the emergency brakes, halting the train a few meters from the grab which was sparked and shorting the electrified rails. The passengers were transferred to another train which pulled up alongside. The bridge is meanwhile being inspected for structural damage.

Bridge Bash 4-15-2015 2-02-52 PM3























The block/bag grab ended up on the track in front of an oncoming train

No one was injured in the incident.

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