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Fatal Crane Jump


 Wellington Harbor, New Zealand

A man died yesterday after jumping into the water from the boom of the Hikitia floating crane in Wellington Harbor, New Zealand.

It is thought that the man, 20, was inspired by a video on Facebook that showed another man successfully diving in to the water from the 90 year old crane.
However this time the boom was raised making it a 40 meter jump, rather than 30 meters, and the man had been drinking before the dive. He is said to have landed on his back and sunk, His body was found three hours later.

The Hikitia crane, said to be the oldest floating crane still in operation, is owned and operated by the Maritime Heritage Trust. They have issued a statement saying that they doubt if putting barriers in place to prevent unauthorized access to the crane would make any difference.

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The Hikitia is said to be the oldest floating crane in operation

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