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Fatal Bridge Basher


Salado, Texas

A truck transporting a telescopic boom lift in Texas, struck a bridge yesterday setting of a chain reaction, which brought a beam down onto a pick-up truck, killing the driver, Clark Davis, 32.

According to police the truck, carrying a Genie boom owned by United Rentals on a flatbed trailer, struck the beam of the bridge, which is currently under construction on Interstate 35 in Salado, Texas, to the north of Austin.

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The boom lift was only lightly damaged but the incident it cased was major

Debris and re-bar from the beam was brought down, causing the beam to be hang up up on a larger high sided truck which pulled the beam – down onto the front end of its cab and the pick-up truck.

The investigation continues.

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The next truck caught up in the damaged beam and pulled it down

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