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Dropped Beam Proves Fatal


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A 20 metrer steel I-beam slipped from a mobile crane in Barra Mansa to the south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil killing an elderly pedestrian.

Dropped Beam 3-20-2015 4-37-48 PM























The scene after the beam dropped

The beam – part of a steel building – was being lifted by a Sany truck crane owned by the rental company Jocar, when its slipped out of the slings and dropped into the street below. It landed on a woman, Orecina Marta de Souza, 79, killing her instantly.

The incident occurred on Friday the 13th as she walked past the construction site – a hotel – with her son when it happened. He was also injured in the incident.

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The beam dropped onto a residential street running alongside the site

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