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Crane Overturns in Lichtenstein


Balzers, Lichtenstein

A mobile swing cab industrial crane overturned last week in Balzers, Lichtenstein, while picking & carrying a large concrete panel.

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The crane overturned sideways onto the bank

The crane an 18 tonne Bollhalder Bakran 90, with an articulated boom, owned by Autokran Ag Rheintal was travelling close to an embankment leading down to a stream when the swinging load took the crane over sideways. Fortunately the operator was unhurt. And quick action by the fire service managed to prevent any serious contamination of the stream.

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The crane was carrying a large concrete panel

A large All Terrain crane was called in to lift the overturned machine back onto its wheels.

Crane Overturns Lichtenstein 4-3-2015 4-07-28 PM3























The recovery commences

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